If you're looking to drop a kerb for domestic vehicle access then the price will vary depending on your location and the local county policy. As the pavement essentially belongs to the local council, you will have to pay them a non-refundable application fee and in most cases either use one of their approved contractors to carry out the work, often for a fixed fee. But some council authorities will allow you to choose your own contractor or even do it yourself once permission has been granted.

However, the most common response is to be given a list of approved contractors which you must choose from, but every council has different contractors and a different policy! If you can choose your own contractor, then please use our free service to gather quotes from local, reputable builders. Not only is it free but it only takes a few minutes and you can then have local tradesmen getting in touch to provide quotations in no time!

Drop Kerb Considerations

There are a number of key factors which will affect the price you will be quoted for dropping kerbs. First of all, the location. Each council has their own pricing structure which you are essentially stuck with, so the fixed prices quoted vary all over the UK! Obviously, the size of the job will have an impact on the cost too, so the number of kerbs to be lowered and the width of pavement need to be taken into account.

If you are converting a garden to a driveway then this could require planning permission in some cases which will bump up the price and the time taken for the project. Once an application has been processed then the council will arrange an on-site inspection to check for any cables and pipes that might be underneath the pavement. This might then involve reinforcement of some kind to protect the services from the weight of cars driving over the pavement, which will also increase the cost of the works.

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